Farming Jobs In Canada

Farming jobs are open in Canada with the handsome amount of salary on hourly basis. If you are interested to apply for these faming job in Canada then stay connected to this detail until the end to understand all the requirements and procedure of apply for these farming jobs in Canada.

Currently posts are open for Farm Supervisor and General Farm Workers. These posts are offered by the different companies with different requirements on Permanent basis.

Open Jobs:

  1. Farm Supervisor
  2. General Farm Workers

1. Farm Supervisor:

This job for Farm Supervisor is offered by the company “JASWINDER SINGH MALHI” at the location “Kelowna, BC” as a Permanent and full time employments. If You have some previous experience in the field of Farming then you will be able to qualify for this company.

Salary (for farm supervisor):

The salary for Farm Supervisor in Canada in the company “JASWINDER SINGH MALHI” will be at least $28 per hour.

Requirements For Farm Supervisor:

To be eligible for Farm Supervisor in “JASWINDER SINGH MALHI” you should be able to fulfill the following requirements of company:

  • Must be able to speak English with fluent accent to be eligible in JASWINDER SINGH MALHI.
  • Having Secondary School Certificate is also necessary if you are apply in JASWINDER SINGH MALHI as a Farm Supervisor.
  • Finally, you should have at least 1 to 2 years of experience in the field of Farming or Farm Supervision.

Responsibilities For Farm Supervisor:

After selection in JASWINDER SINGH MALHI you will be responsible to do the following tasks as a Farm Supervisor:

  1. Co-ordinate and supervise the work of general farm workers and harvesting labourers: A farm supervisor ensures that the daily operations involving the farm workers and labourers are running smoothly. They are responsible for allocating tasks, ensuring that workers are appropriately trained, and confirming that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. This involves a blend of effective communication, planning, and on-ground oversight.
  2. Develop work schedules and establish procedures: To ensure that farm operations run seamlessly, the farm supervisor creates work schedules to allocate manpower efficiently. This includes deciding which tasks need priority and assigning them to workers based on their skills and experience. Establishing clear procedures helps in maintaining consistency, efficiency, and productivity in farming operations.
  3. Ensure farm safety and bio-security procedures are followed: The safety of the workers and the integrity of the farm’s products are paramount. A farm supervisor must be vigilant in making sure that all safety protocols are adhered to. This includes ensuring the use of safety equipment, safe handling of machinery, and compliance with bio-security measures to prevent the spread of diseases.
  4. Maintain quality control and production records: It’s vital for a farm supervisor to ensure that the farm products meet the desired quality standards. This involves regular inspections, checking against set benchmarks, and recording outcomes. Keeping accurate production records also helps in inventory management and future planning.
  5. Supervise and oversee growing and other crop-related operations: A farm supervisor monitors the growing process of crops from planting to harvest. This includes ensuring that crops get the right amount of water, fertilizers, and are protected against pests and diseases. Their oversight guarantees a healthy yield and efficient farming processes.
  6. Maintain work records and logs: Documentation plays a crucial role in understanding the farm’s operations, productivity, and areas of improvement. The farm supervisor ensures that detailed logs of all farm activities, including the hours worked by employees, machinery usage, and other essential details, are maintained and updated regularly.
  7. Hire and train staff: A farm’s productivity is significantly dependent on its workforce. A farm supervisor is often responsible for hiring the right talent, ensuring they are properly onboarded, and trained in farm practices, safety protocols, and the use of equipment. Regular training sessions might also be organized to update the team on new farming techniques and technologies.
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Apply For Farm Supervisor:

To apply for Farm Supervisor in JASWINDER SINGH MALHI send your updates resume or CV to the following email address:


2. General Farm Workers:

These jobs for General Farm Workers are offered by the company “FOUR LEAF LANDSCAPING LTD” at the location “Surrey, BC Canada”. There are flexible shifts available for Farm Workers. Currently there are 5 vacancies are open for Farm Workers.

Salary for Farm Workers:

The salary for Farm workers in FOUR LEAF LANDSCAPING LTD will be at least $20 per hour.

Requirements for General Farm Workers:

As a General Farm Workers there are no specific requirements of qualification, diploma, certificate or any other kind of trainings. However, if you have some previous experience in the field of Farming like 7 months to 1 year then you will be preferred in FOUR LEAF LANDSCAPING LTD.

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In Canada, under the company FOUR LEAF LANDSCAPING LTD general farm workers have various range of responsibilities to the agricultural sector’s to run smooth operation. A key task is ensuring crop quality through cleaning and grading, ensuring the produce adheres to the highest standards. Greenhouses, essential for controlled growth, require regular cleaning, a duty they meticulously perform.

After selection you have to do all these task as a General Farm Worker In FOUR LEAF LANDSCAPING LTD.

How To Apply?

To apply for general Farm workers in Canada in FOUR LEAF LANDSCAPING LTD you have to submit your CV or cover letter to the following email address of FOUR LEAF LANDSCAPING LTD:


Note: If you have no experience the considered to apply on this email:

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