Kitchen Helper Jobs In Canada

The amazing opportunity for kitchen helpers are open in Canada on hourly basis with the easy requirements of applying procedure. These jobs for kitchen helpers are offered by the company “Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd.” at the location “Calgary, AB Canada”.

This job of Kitchen helper by the company “Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd.” has been verified by the JobBank official with the verification ID number 2563940. Currently 3 posts are vacant for kitchen helpers in “Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd.”

If your qualification is at least High School then you will be able to apply in this company as a Kitchen Helper. If you interested to apply then keep reading the following details of Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd. carefully to be eligible for this post.

Job NameKitchen Helper
QualificationHigh School
Experience Not necessary
Company Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd.
LocationCalgary, AB

Kitchen Helper Jobs In Canada:

If you have good personal skills and clear record then you can apply for this job in Canada as a Kitchen helper. Below is the detail of salary, requirements and procedure of apply in “Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd.”

Salary for Kitchen Helpers:

The salary for kitchen helpers in Canada is $15 per hour. You will be allowed to do the work of at least 40 hours in week.


Following are the few requirements for kitchen helpers in Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd:


You should have at least high school certificate to apply for kitchen helper in Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd.


There is no need of experience in Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd for kitchen helpers. However, if you have some previous relevant experience then you will be preferred.


As a Kitchen helper in Canada in Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd. you should have some knowledge about important responsibilities to help the kitchen run smoothly.

You have to bring clean dishes, silverware, and things needed for eating to the dining areas, and then set up them on the tables. Furthermore, you have to also make sure tables, trays, and chairs are clean and proper. Kitchen helpers use dishwashers to wash plates, glasses, and silverware.

Moreover, you have to Keep the kitchen clean and sanitize surfaces, cupboards, and appliances. When supplies arrive, then put them in the right places, like fridges and cupboards. The also have to handle kitchen waste by taking out the trash.

Procedure Of Apply?

To apply for kitchen helper jobs in Canada under the company “Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd.” you will need to send your updated CV, resume or Cover letter to the following email address of Western Stacked Restaurant Ltd:


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