Light Duty Cleaner Jobs In Canada

Jobs for Cleaners are open in Canada for light duty works. These jobs of cleaning in Canada are offered by the well known company “TERESA GRAVEL” at the location “240 COVEBROOK CLOSE NE Calgary, ABT3K 6J6 Canada”.

Criteria for this job for light duty cleaners in Canada is quite easy. There is no need of any qualification or experience to apply however there are some way and procedure of selection by company. Read out this article carefully until the end to understand the process and procedure of apply.

Job NameLight Duty Cleaners
QualificationNot required
ExperienceNot required
Location240 COVEBROOK CLOSE NE Calgary

Light Duty Cleaner Job:

This light duty cleaner job in Canada by TERESA GRAVEL is open on permanent basis for Canadians as well as for foreign candidates. Currently one vacancy is open in TERESA GRAVEL. This job is taken by the JobBank Official with the verification ID 2563939. If you are interested to apply read out the following general details:


Your salary as a Light Duty Cleaner in Canada in the company “TERESA GRAVEL” will be at least 17 Canadian Dollar per hour. In TERESA GRAVEL you will be allowed to work 40 hour per week at least.


There is no need of any qualification or experience to apply for this light duty cleaning job in “TERESA GRAVEL”. But you should have good communication in English. Furthermore, you will be responsible to do the following tasks:


Responsibilities of light duty cleaners in “TERESA GRAVEL” encompass a range of essential tasks aimed at maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of various spaces. You have to be dedicated professional diligently sweep, mop, and polish floors, ensuring surfaces are spotless and welcoming.

As a light duty cleaner you have to dust furniture, attending to every nook and cranny to maintain an orderly appearance. Vacuuming is an integral part of their routine, encompassing carpeting, area rugs, draperies, and upholstered furniture, enhancing the overall tidiness of the surroundings.

Moreover, you will be responsible to extend to the thorough cleaning, disinfection, and polishing of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, as well as appliances, contributing to a sanitized environment.

Additionally, you have to engage in the washing of windows, walls, and ceilings, maintaining a fresh and appealing ambiance. Working conditions demand a fast-paced and detail-oriented approach, often requiring them to perform under pressure while handling physically demanding tasks in the company TERESA GRAVEL.

Procedure Of Apply?

To apply for light duty cleaner job in Canada in TERESA GRAVEL send your update CV or resume to the hiring manager via following email address:


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