10 Brilliant Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan (2023)

Earn Money Online in Pakistan

People are developing new interests because they are all self-quarantining and remaining at home during the lockdown, including cooking, painting, drawing, learning a musical instrument, and many other activities. The argument is that everyone currently has a lot of free time. What do you want to do with that time is the question. While some people might be experimenting with some of the above-mentioned activities, others are seeking for new ways to make money.

Fortunately, you can always find opportunities to do that no matter where you are; you just need to know where to search. Here are some of the finest methods to make money online in Pakistan without further ado!

How to easily generate money online in Pakistan

Did you realize that you may achieve success without always completing challenging tasks? There are a tonne of activities available online that let you do this, even idly. These include renewing your internet hobbies, putting some of your old items up for sale, and making comments and reviews about particular goods and services. Find out more by looking at the list below!

1) Carry out mini-tasks

Microtasks are among the easiest methods for people to get additional money. They function somewhat similarly to bitcoin faucets, enabling users to make a modest sum of money online by doing straightforward activities. The majority of micro-tasks require human interaction to be done. These jobs still require a small amount of human intellect to be done, even with modern AI technology.

Participating in surveys, moderating various forms of content, viewing and leaving comments on YouTube videos (or other forms of content), and many more duties fall under this category. These jobs often don’t need a lot of technical expertise because they are general and straightforward, making them ideal for anyone wishing to supplement their income during downtime.

One of the greatest sites to sign up for these microtasks is Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’s simple to get started, and as soon as you make an account, you can start working and getting paid in full for jobs.

Another example is Yandex Toloka, which is just as simple to use: register for an account, select a job from the list (be sure to read the instructions), carry it out, and you’ll have money in your account!

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2) Respond to internet polls and surveys

Online polls and surveys need human intervention much like microtasks do, usually for marketing, advertising, and research reasons. When a study project is begun, the researchers may require a sample size larger than just their friends and relatives. They thus rely on people and internet services to finish their surveys. After completing these surveys, people receive rewards.

These kinds of assignments are ideal for sites like Anketka.ru and Life Points. Which are well-regarded and have been running for some time. Join one of them (or both) to start earning money online by taking surveys!

3) Sign up for affiliate programmed

If you currently engage in frequent bitcoin trading, introducing your friends and relatives may allow you to increase your earnings. Check the referral/affiliate programmed that is offered by the trading platform you want to utilize.

You may be able to get a sizeable quantity of passive money online if you network your affiliate link to enough people.

4) Take up freelancing

There are a variety of alternative jobs you may discover on freelancing websites if you aren’t too interested in performing menial duties like responding to internet surveys. These careers range from voice acting to graphic design, photography, and web/mobile development. There’s no question that if you carefully browse the available tasks, you’ll discover something you’d be eager to accomplish and begin making money online without making any investments.

Make sure you can demonstrate your qualifications before taking positions like this. This entails developing a strong portfolio and showcasing the caliber of your work.

By doing this, you’ll find work more quickly (and earn more money as a result), and as time passes, people will recognise your value and you’ll be able to charge more.

The top freelance marketplaces include Fl.ru, Upwork, Fiverr, and Work-Zilla. Join one of those websites right away to start applying for fantastic freelance opportunities!

5) Copywriting

This phase of self-quarantine and lockdown may be quite fruitful for many writers. It implies having the ability to set up a workstation to maximize productivity. There are fantastic prospects for you to make money if you’re that kind of writer.

You may get paid to create articles during your leisure time with services like etxt.biz. Copywriting, article rewriting, and translations are among the writing services provided. Why not try your hand at being paid for any of these services if you have a talent for them?

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6) Text to Pakistan/other languages translation

The time has come for you to shine if you are fluent in more than one language! You may find possibilities to earn money translating on freelance websites like Freelancer.com.

You’ll need to be fluent in various languages, so be sure you have the necessary skills for reading, writing, speaking. And understanding in a variety of languages. If you have that experience, you may use your abilities in these occupations to get quick money.

7) Audio and video formats should be transcribed

Some services will also provide options for transcriptionists to make money in addition to translating. People frequently hire freelancers to complete difficult and time-consuming tasks like transcription on their behalf.

GoTranscript is an illustration of a transcription service. They provide affordable transcriptions of excellent quality from certified stenographers. You can try submitting an application for a position at GoTranscript, but you can also search well-known websites for freelance work for equivalent openings.

8) Post reviews and comments

People who own internet businesses are aware of how crucial a good online reputation is for their firm. A bad internet reputation can bring down a whole firm, which is why reviews, comments, and constructive criticism are ways for companies to enhance their offerings.

There are corporations out there that will pay for your advice if you have an acute eye for how businesses might further enhance them and the skill to explain it well. They may effectively grow their business by receiving feedback and evaluations. In turn, you are compensated, and they improve, creating a win-win scenario.

These services are provided by websites like gcomment.ru, and if you look hard enough on freelance websites, you may discover possibilities to contribute your ideas (and be paid for them).

9) Sell old belongings

Try selling things online if you have items in your home that have been gathering dust for years but might still be beneficial to someone else.
Consider the following: You already have the product prepared for sale. And a market awaits you that is eager to promote it. All you have to do is submit a few pictures and choose a price! You can possibly make some quick cash if the item is in good shape and you’re a skilled photographer.

10) Profit from pay-per-click websites

Small actions may have a big impact. Why not click to make money online—and support businesses that need you—if you’re going to spend hours moving your mouse around the Internet anyway?

In addition to being the greatest friends of marketers. Websites like Shoeprint and Nonpublic are also incredibly well-liked by people looking to make some fast money online. You are required to visit their websites, like and comment on the product features. Subscribe to their services, and watch their advertisements since businesses on these websites want to know what actual people think about their campaigns and websites.

And starting is simple! You may start choosing the tasks you want to participate in once you establish an account. There are times when you may pick from a selection of hundreds, if not thousands, of chores! Payment is quick and may be made using several common ways.

Wish to generate more? By referring your friends, you may all earn some additional money.


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